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​​​​How can Integrative Medicine help me to relieve stress and experience optimum health and well-being?

​What is Integrative Medicine? 

Dr. Bill Bergman

​​​​​​​​Our current health crisis of chronic disease and stress is rooted in disorders of physical and psychological function. Conventional medicine performs miracles in the case of emergencies, serious injury and organ failure. With chronic disease, however, rather than managing symptoms, Integrative Medicine determines the fundamental cause and applies a natural approach to correct the disordered state safely and effectively. 

Your consultation will include functional medical laboratory evaluations, comprehensive past medical history and a personalized treatment protocol.

The latest research is confirming that the mind-body connection is a two-way street: not only does the mind affect the body, but the metabolic state of the body affects the mind! Integrative Medicine can help you to feel better and have greater resiliency at work and at home!