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What makes this Stress Relief Program different from other approaches?

​Why is Stress Relief so important for your health and well-being? 

Dr. Bill Bergman

Stress in being increasingly recognized as one of the primary causes of disease and diminished  quality of life.​​​​​​​​​​​ We have proven solutions for your personal, work-related and relationship issues which are often the areas that are most associated with stress. Our stress relief program can help you to feel much better and have greater resiliency at work and at home!

​Your consultation can take place in our offices in Naples, Florida or by phone or internet. 


As you understand how the experience of stress is created, you will be able to go from stress management to stress relief!   Our stress relief program is innovative and leading-edge.There is no processing of your past and is not about ‘working on yourself.’ Yet it produces outstanding results by helping to activate the inner self-healing capability!