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How to Create a Healthy Brain: Five Step program to improved memory, cognitive function and optimum brain health

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Hello, I’m Dr. Bill and I am so pleased to share this Report on “Creating a Healthy Brain” with you!

Throughout my professional medical career, beginning while still a medical student at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, I have always been focused on the cause and prevention of chronic disease.

Now we are facing an epidemic of brain disorders, including great concern for the unprecedented increase of cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, there is a tremendous amount that we can do to reduce the risk of brain disease if we implement the correct information. And this will not only be a way to help prevent brain disorders but can also help to reverse, to some degree, the memory loss and cognitive decline that we may already be experiencing.

In addition, my faith, and the latest brain science, are confirming that our view of God has a significant impact on our ability to promote the health and healing of our brain! 

This report will clarify for you the important areas where you can take action to enhance your cognitive health, reverse memory decline, and improve your overall health, vitality, and well-being!

Bill Bergman, MD

This Report will introduce an innovative, practical and effective Program to help you end stress, memory decline and accelerated brain aging, and achieve a high degree of resiliency and peace of mind. 

It is an integration of various viewpoints each of which have demonstrated effectiveness for many people. This Program is based on an integration of insights from the latest Brain Neuroscience, the new field of Health Psychology and God-centered Spiritual Principles.

Step 1: The Cause of Cognitive Decline

We may have believed (as this is true even for many doctors) that our genes are the most important factor in determining whether or not we will suffer a loss of memory, cognitive decline and even dementia or Alzheimer’s.

What the latest scientific research confirms is that genes are turned on or off by what are known as “epigenetic factors” (what is referred to as “genetic expression”) which is largely under our control!

When we understand more deeply the role of epigenetics in affecting our brain health, we can overcome inherited genetic predispositions and vulnerabilities and proactively improve and promote the healing of our brain.

Step 2: Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy living is the foundation for a healthy brain and requires a clear understanding of what to eat, what to avoid and additional factors that encourage a healthy brain.

There is no more confusing subject than the simple question, “What do I eat to promote my physical and psychological health?” The so-called experts often disagree and often quote “scientific research” to support their views.

When you have a well-established nutritional and lifestyle program based on enduring principles you have a significant advantage in your journey to have and restore a healthy brain!

Step 3: Understanding and Overcoming Stress
Because stress can be so destructive to our brain, we need to understand how stress is created and what we can do to achieve enduring stress relief.

Unlike conventional “stress management” that teaches that stress is triggered by outside circumstances, events and people, “stress relief” occurs when we have insight on how we create our own stress within our own mind! This understanding empowers us to live a life stress-free despite the circumstances of our lives.  

Step 4: Decreasing Destructive Brain Circuity
Through advances in brain science and psychology, we are able to learn how to decrease destructive brain circuitry.

Stress activates the lower portion of our brain while simultaneously weakening our higher brain centers. As a result, destructive nerve circuits are established and become conditioned patterns through repetition and reinforcement. We can reverse this process by learning how, with God’s help, we can “re-wire our brain” and promote significant brain healing!

Step 5: Increasing Healthy Brain Circuitry
By understanding the integration of God-centered spiritual principles with modern brain science we can re-wire the brain and help restore God’s original design.

There are proven ways to increase memory and cognitive function by as much as 30 percent with powerful, God-centered methods that are easy to do no matter what one’s schedule! By incorporating spiritual power and the reality of the fluidity of the brain (called “neuroplasticity”), Higher Brain centers are strengthened and Lower Brain centers are calmed!

I hope this Report has been of value to you. There is so much that we can do, once we have the correct information, to promote the health and healing of our brain and improve our overall health as well!

Please consider arranging a private consultation to apply the principles introduced in this Report for your own situation and circumstances.

This 5-Step Program is right for you if you would like help with the following issues:

  • Are you looking for a comprehensive and God-centered approach to promoting the health and healing of your brain?

  • Do you have concerns regarding your memory and cognitive function?

  • Do you have stress issues around relationships at work or at home?

  • Do you struggle with unwanted habits or addictions?

  • Learn the BEST WAY to OUTSMART your own GENETICS! (Yes! It's possible!)



  • Enjoy Increased HEALTH and VITALITY for a SMARTER, HAPPIER You!

I look forward to working with you! I know that, with God’s help, we can all enjoy a more fulfilling life with less stress and healthier brain function, just as God intended!