Are you experiencing destructive habits and high levels of stress from your health issues, relationships at work or at home or any other cause?

Almost all of us struggle with some kind of habit we would like to break. Examples include, among many others:

  • overindulgence in food, Binge Eating Disorder 
  • smoking
  • alcohol and/or drugs
  • gambling
  • hours on the internet 
  • habitual thinking/repetitive thought/ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • sexual addiction
  • anxiety
  • self-doubt

After more than four decades in Integrative Medicine and Stress Management, I am working with a new integrative approach that can dramatically improve your quality of life and sense of well-being. I and countless others have benefited greatly from this new understanding. It is not another 'stress management technique' nor practice, but a way to truly understand how we create destructive habits and stress from the 'inside-out.'

Based on the integration of Brain Neuroscience and Health Psychology, and a foundation of time-honored Spiritual Principles, the insights you will gain will give you a no-willpower perspective on breaking any habit!

Through this approach, you'll experience freedom from habits and addictions and greater resiliency. You will increase your ability to experience higher states of well-being even in the midst of  from challenging life circumstances.

You'll see significant changes in the quality of your relationships, both personally at home and professionally at work.

This program will change your relationship to your work or business and has practical application in every area of your life!

In addition you will increase the inherent self-healing mechanisms of both the physical and psychological aspects of our body-mind-soul system.



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​​​​​​​​Effective Stress Relief not only gives you peace-of-mind, but a higher quality of life and powerful activation of the innate capacity for self-healing!

About this Program

Bill Bergman, M.D.

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